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This association was created by, and is a member of, Private Health Associations of America (PHAOA). PHAOA is a network of private health membership associations in North America. We are one of those private membership associations. Your association will be one too.

The article entitled Private Associations Synopsis explains the protection you have from harassment by state and provincial license boards and federal agencies as a member of this association.

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This association is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, tax exempt education association servicing properly credentialed classical professionals in the United States. As a member of this association you will:

    • Be able to teach anything you want to teach in public under the protection of your own private membership -- health, nutrition and wellness -- association.

    • Be able to make honest and truthful claims about health, nutrition and wellness products and services that can help your clients take control of their own health, nutrition and wellness under the protection of your own private membership association.

    • Be able to market your coaching, educating, mentoring, teaching and training services, materials, supplies and samples to your clients under the protection of your own private membership association.

    • Reduce your tax liability and save tax-free income in your private membership association for such purposes as you decide for the benefit of your association and the members of your association.

    Note: Your personal income is not tax exempt. Any income you have from any company that sells products to the public is not tax exempt. Only the money paid to your own private membership association as explained in paragraph three above is tax exempt.

    • Be able to set up your own personal private membership -- health, nutrition and/or wellness -- association under the umbrella of this association and PHAOA for the protection of your clients, employees, contractors, guests and yourself. This private education association will be incorporated as a nonprofit and established with the IRS as a 501(c)(4) tax exempt education association.

    • Be able to form, help form and/or join a private tax-exempt nonprofit education association in your state formed under the umbrella of this association and Private Health Associations of America.

    • Be provided with free conflict resolutions services to help you resolve any issues any state or federal licensing board may have with you.

    • Pay lower premiums for your general and professional (malpractice) insurance.

    • Assistance from Private Membership Education Associations of America (PMEAA) with any legal issues that arise.

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